Accounting & Taxes

This point is very personalized to each case, although I am not an expert in this topic there are many useful tools that can help you to make the work between your tax advisor and your accountant much easier. They can also create automatic invoices for your e-commerce, depending on your case you can get the best solution to automate and streamline your needs.

Online banking & Crypto

Here there is not much science, for my part what I can recommend are online banks that leverage technology to automate processes and facilitate the work at no cost or a reasonable cost, as conventional banks are a little more “old-fashioned” and expensive. And regarding crypto is basically how to take advantage of cryptocurrencies and accept them in your business, but that is declarable in an easy way.

Contracts and important documents.

With platforms like DocuSign you can now better manage your contracts online and have them signed digitally and quickly without complications, and where you will have quick access to them. About important documents we cover that point at the beginning with the organization, try to always digitize them or ask them to always send them to you digitally.

HR and employees/freelancers

Beyond using platforms to get freelancers and future employers to fill the jobs you need, the process of offering jobs has not changed much in general, here I focus more on where to get labor willing to concrete activities or long term.


Applications like Slack help to streamline and centralize the conversation between your team, streamline processes, and even connect it with your other tools to facilitate communication and it is much better than Email. But the classic Email is not obsolete either and is still very useful and powerful! Here I would also like to focus on communication with your customers! there are so many channels and it is good to centralize them to not get lost and also offer some channels that the user feels like live chats, WhatsApp, among others.


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