Basically, this point consists of the image of your brand and therefore should be the first step in creating your online presence!

Defining your logo, name, slogan, fonts, and colors are some of the things you should already have clear before starting the process as you will be asked for a lot of this information and files in both web design and marketing, consistency is your image is key.


While you can design it however you want on Fiverr or any other freelancer can help you create the ideal logo for you, here are some tools that can help you in the process.

Fonts - typing styles

There are many basic and free options, if you are not looking for something very unique I recommend google fonts as they are quickly accessible to anyone, are free, and are compatible almost everywhere, but you can also search and buy fonts on other websites more unique or have a designer create your own font, but it is not highly recommended. in that case, if we talk about buying fonts or someone to design it for you, always ask for your file type .ttf or similar as you will always need it both installed on your computer and any employee or freelancer who is going to help you.


Create your own color palette, there are free tools that based on color can create a palette to match your taste, also check other web pages and take inspiration to choose your main and secondary colors. Don’t forget to save the color codes! they are usually something like this, #FFFFFFFF, #472939. Both designers and programmers will need these to use the exact color you want.


While I mentioned the main points for your branding or at least the essential ones, there may be others that are relevant to your business regarding your brand. If they are not stopping your process, you can continue with the other steps while you cover the missing points in your branding.


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