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I know you are excited to start creating your website and show your products and services, but before you do this you are going to need a domain and a server where to place your beautiful website, platform, app, or whatever you want to do, you can see the domain as when you register your company you had to put a name (although it is not as strict in a legal way, as in the official registration) and see the server as the “physical” place (hardware) where you are going to mount and build your business. It is a bit more complex than that but I try to give more or less a reference.

The content below about servers and domains can be a bit dense so if you are just looking for a website for your business, relatively simple and informative, with features like an online store, offer services and not very complex things I recommend the following platforms, in them, you can make your website and even buy domains to facilitate the work in one place. If you want to make a more unique and complex project I recommend you to continue reading the page about domains and servers.

Business email

In order to use a business email such as contacto@mybusiness.com, where you buy the domain should offer a package or plan (in case it is not included when you buy the domain, where they offer you to create and use emails with the purchased domain. If they don’t offer it there are always companies like google suite or Zoho that offer you email plans where they charge you from 1 to 5€ per email created. Here my only recommendation if it is important for you is to check and be sure if they offer email services and when it costs if you are buying the domain.


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