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Photos, illustrations, ads, videos, podcasts. Depending on your strategy and business some content will be more relevant than others, but if you are going to make both your website and one or another ad for marketing, make a session of photos or videos of your product or service and how they are used add a lot of value. It will be a possibly tedious and long process, but when the content is already created you can reuse it on different platforms and several times so it is worth it.

There are always products and services that need more content than others and on the internet, you can get a lot of royalty-free or even paid content on some sites to speed up and facilitate the work, although I encourage you to create unique content, it never hurts to solve quickly with something of good quality that is already available to us.

And if we focus on the website it is necessary to have a couple of images, illustrations, or videos that convey what you offer, trust that if a programmer or designer is making your website or even yourself, you will need it on hand, to finish the website. In the case of illustrations, if the web designer is also a graphic designer, which he usually is, he can help you by creating unique illustrations and vectors for you, always remember that this requires more work.

As always here are some platforms that offer both free and for-sale content for you to use and speed up your work. As well as platforms that help you to design anything without having much experience, even offer sample templates to start and be a designer. or as always get someone else to help you with these tasks 😊


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