Product descriptions, texts on every page of your website, texts in your ads or social media posts, and even scripts for your videos. In everything, you’re going to need written content that conveys and sells your brand and products or services. If you decide to get down to work and create the content yourself, there are two tips I have to give you:

  1. Focus on SEO-optimized content (in the case of website, blog, or even ads like google).
  2. Try to convey the message in a creative or unique way that grabs the attention of the user or customer.

You can put all you want and talk about yourself and why your service is the best in comparison to your competition, but in truth, the only important thing for the customer is, what he gets from your service or product, and if you solve his problem, as easily and comfortably as possible in comparison to others. All the awards, mentions on other sites and reviews from others, and oldies of your company are simply extras that strengthen the message you want to convey but will never be and should never be the main one. We will go more into this when we talk about marketing. But in the meantime here are some tools that will help you with copywriting if you want to do it yourself, or if you want to find someone to help you in the process. You can always contact me for help.


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