It should be your first point to cover in this step but don’t just run out and buy it from any website you get or the cheapest place you see it because it can get more expensive later. There are a couple of questions to answer before you run out and buy a domain name.

  1. Will I need business emails (e.g. contact@mybusiness.com)?
  2. How complex and visited is my website going to be at the beginning? If I am going to host my website where I have the domain, do they offer a server in my country or close to my country?

There are more questions you can ask yourself depending on your case but I would like to focus on these three for the moment as they influence in making the right decision on where you should buy the domain. Managing the DNS of the domain, creating subdomains, and pointing to different platforms can be tedious for some and you have to remember that changes like this can generate waiting times of 24, 48, or even more hours and no one can influence those times more than the internet itself. No technical support can speed up that process for you. For this reason, if you keep everything in the same place and with the same technical support, the headaches at the time of problems will be much less.

If you buy the domain from a specific company by default is pointing to that server and if that company offers to make your website with them, either WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or another website builder, as well as a space on their server to upload your code if you came to program your website. You won’t even know what’s going on in the backend and therefore it’s much easier for you to get straight to the point.

Also if they offer email services, you will be able to create your business emails right there without any difficulty and some even include it in the plan you bought. that is why it is important to be clear if you need all this in one place because if you decide to use the email service of another company like google suite, and you did not buy the domain with them, you will have to go to the DNS zone and change the ‘Records’ to google’s so you can start using the service. A web developer should be able to help you with this and luckily there are many tutorials on the internet on how to manage the DNS for your domain, but if you want to skip all these problems with a little planning and selecting the right provider will save you extra steps.


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