Logo, name, slogan, colors, and font type, are some of the basic but very important things that you have to have covered if you want to continue with the other steps, do not advance to the other steps of your Frontend if you do not have all this covered, you will realize that you will need it while making your website, profiles, etc as well as the employee or freelancer that will help you. Read on to learn more about branding.

Content Creation

You won’t be able to create your website or anything in general if you don’t have the content you are going to put on it, from images to text and titles, like legal pages, should be covered and done by you, it is true that some design, marketing, and programming agencies may include this service in their cost, don’t take for granted that this is included, always ask if this is included in the agency or freelancer service or if you are doing it yourself, it is half obvious that you know that you have to create all this yourself or with help, and I recommend you to have this ready and planned before looking for someone to create your website or other platforms.

Website | Platform | Mobile App

After the previous points, you should be ready to create your website, it is true that there are mobile applications, complex platforms, and multi-device platforms, but from experience, everything needs a basic web page even as a landing page, and today there are many ways to do this and combine it with the various products you want to create if you need them. Click here to read more about it.


Both User Interface and User Experience should be present today on your website, platform, or even online store if. It is basically the whole experience and process that your users and customers follow during the whole interaction with you and your product digitally speaking. While a web designer should have some knowledge in this, so that their designs offer a good experience to users, I am almost sure you have visited websites and platforms that you have said “it is impossible to get information here” or “how can I finish my purchase on this page! In cases like this, you see the absence of these points. it is not something you should be totally focused on, since many platforms, for example, those to create your website or online store try to cover this point, if you are creating something from 0 it would be good to have someone or dedicate a little time to learn about both points, youtube is full of tutorials.


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