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Illustrations, images, photos, texts, blog posts, content for social networks, flyers, business cards… A very broad point and the most important for both marketing and creating your website. Whether you are going to make the website and marketing of any kind or get help on these points you will always need content to use. And it is good to already have an idea of how and where that content is going to go because otherwise, you are going to lose a lot of time or money if someone else is helping you.

In this section and for the moment I want to focus on two basic points when creating content and that is copywriting, which is basically the written part behind all your content, and the visual, audio, or audio-visual content, either you creating it on your own, or using existing content on the internet.

Here there is a very important point to avoid problems in the future and there are countries more strict with these laws than others and it is the copyright. Try as much as possible, to use content from others and if you use it this person should have given you permission previously. That is to say that if you are going to use anything created by someone else, contact that person and get at least a written confirmation that you can use that content and how you can use it. For example in several of the platforms that I am going to recommend, although the content is free, they always ask you to mention the creator of the content, or to link the image where you use it to the creator to give credit. There are even designers who even if they create something customized for you, may ask you to mention them or give them credit in some way. So even if someone designs something for you, try to write down that the creator gave you permission to use it without having to mention it or give credit in any way.


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