If you are here it is because you are looking to create a more complex project, capable of not currently existing in the market, most likely a business idea, an MVP, or a platform that you want to create and you can’t find existing solutions. Here there is not much I can recommend beyond two possible ways: use the No-code platforms that are emerging recently and are growing or get one or more programmers and get to work.

No-code platforms

These platforms have grown in popularity recently as they are offering more and more features to cover all kinds of cases, No-code platforms are platforms that with a user-friendly interface for anyone help you build a platform as you want as if you were using a design tool and they are responsible for generating the elbow, I recommend at least having some experience with programming because at the beginning it seems easy, you will need to have logical thinking to know how to structure everything and establish the logic of your platform, they are a fast and possibly cheap solution compared to programmers, but don’t underestimate them, even in several of these platforms you can get programmers able to help you build. They are worth a try, for MVPs they are excellent.

Programmed platform

There is not much to say, it consists of hiring qualified people who can develop the platform you want, they will require you to be clear about what you want because each change or modification halfway through will be charged separately and they really should remember that when the house is already built, it takes a lot of time and work to change the walls again if you did not like them. Here preparation is key to saving money and time. And you also have to know how to find the right person or team to achieve what you want. Otherwise, you will have a lot of problems later in redoing the platform, please do not go for the cheapest programmer you can get and without experience, here the experience is worth it, it may be more expensive, but it will deliver a better result and although more expensive usually in less time so it is compensated.

Here it depends on your requirements and the research of the programmer or programmers that best suit you, you can search comfortably on Fiverr or Upwork among other platforms or agencies to hire these services. Also, don’t forget that I am here to help you in the process and I even have a partner team that so far has not disappointed me by creating quality products in good time. In general, I would review with you the requirements and we would look for a way to develop the platform you want so much in an efficient and quality way, trust that there are always things that one skip and several heads think better than one.


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