Depending on the completeness of your project, as well as the number of visitors you will have monthly or daily, are factors that affect when deciding where to host your website, so let’s break it down and try to make it as easy as possible depending on what you are looking for.

Website / Ecommerce

The good news with simple websites is that there are so many “quick” solutions available on the market. From the ones that almost do everything for you like Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify (it is worth noting that they can also be very limited in functionality), to others that raise the level of difficulty when creating but it is still relatively easy to create something on your own like WordPress which also offers a lot of flexibility and ability to add new things. On these same platforms, you can even buy domains and some offer the service of emails or at least automated ones.

Mobile App / Platform

Here you need something more dedicated, depending on the size of your project and complexity you will need services to host your project such as Amazon AWS, and Digital Ocean among others. I do not recommend you to attack this “world” by yourself unless you have a technological background, mainly in programming. Here I do recommend you find someone to help you in the whole process. At least in this case if it doesn’t matter much where you buy the domain since usually the server services that offer this level only focus on servers.

No-code Platform or Mobile App

This is a relatively new ground that is growing exponentially and is basically offering you friendly tools like drag and drop to create complex projects on your own and without code because while you build they are creating the code for you!

This approach is great for prototyping, MVPs, or base projects if your idea is much more complex than just a website and you want to get down to work fast.

I know it’s a lot to digest and it sounds complex, it’s noticeable that the decision is not easy to make, but it’s important to know something about the subject, to avoid wrong decisions as much as possible. If you still need help don’t hesitate to contact me.


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