Basically your online business card and where all your users and customers can find your services, products, location, and other information and updates about your business. A “must have” nowadays. This is where we place all those images, videos, texts, and other previously created content.

The "website in minutes" builders - Simple, fast, and easy, but forget about customization.

No matter your industry you have to have if or if your website, now, you can make it yourself in “minutes” (that is a couple of hours or careful and not days depending on how well and complete you want it) with existing tools like Wix, Squarespace, among others, that offer you simple but powerful solutions to have a respectable website, but always remember that if there is any function or implementation you need that they do not have, forget about that functionality because you depend 100% on what the team of that platform offers you. I personally am not a fan of these solutions because a business that wants to grow will always ask for more and these platforms can fall short, but if you just want to keep your customers informed and the design doesn’t matter to you, then they are a very good solution.

The "in-between" websites - are flexible and very customizable, but there are limits.

Here I like to categorize technologies like WordPress and platforms like Webflow, where the flexibility is much wider and the design is much more flexible as well. If there is a little experience present, I recommend starting with these technologies and platforms directly, they have a small learning curve but are well worth it in the long run.

The web pages are fully customizable and unique.

Here we already involve programming languages and make almost all the websites pure code, any idea you have and how you want to do it is possible to do it. way to request services, sale of any product. customize the order of a tesla car on a website, many things are possible, but it is usually the most expensive because we are talking about hours of programming of one or more programmers, this solution is ideal for businesses with capital capable of investing. And remember it is not necessarily the best solution for you!


As you can see there are many solutions based on your time, knowledge, and need. My recommendation is to write down all the functionalities that you need to be reflected in the website (buy a product, book a service, etc.) then write down what pages your website should have (home page, services page, contact page, about us, etc.) and then start comparing the existing platforms of website solutions and if none of them fits your needs then you will have to customize everything, but I am confident that nowadays a solution exists. In the same way, you can always get someone to help you create your website either in tools like Wix, WordPress, Webflow, and even programming.

Also if you still have doubts and don’t know which way to go, don’t hesitate to request a video call with me, I am more than willing to help you make the best decision, just try to have your questions ready.


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